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ASN is the first company in the world to make a scientific break-through with NANO-Creatine; a technology which makes all other creatines a thing of the past. A technology which has revolutionized the sports industry as we know it.

ASN NANO Creatine is over 1250 times greater than a micronized process, the efficiency of absorption is increased.  Because of their NANO size, they start to behave more like ions, becoming very electro-static in nature and therefore easily pass through cell membranes, allowing assimilation straight into the bloodstream.

Acting like tiny filters, only the smallest of particles will be absorbed straight away.  NANO Technology allows this to happen. Quicker digestion and faster utilization is a certainty with ASN’s revolutionizing NANO-Creatine.

With NANO Creatine because of its small particle size you get 100% bio-availability with no side effects. Offering 100% absorption into your body.

Licensed by Creapure® of Germany (the world’s best creatine material supplier) to display their logo, ASN’s NANO Creatine is the most advanced and purest Creatine available on the market. This recognition is proof of the high standard ASN – Advanced Sports Nutrition set in the sports nutrition industry.


ASN NANO Creatine is perfect for anyone who is wanting the most effective creatine product to increase strength, endurance and overall performance.


  • 100% Solubility and No Gritty Residue
  • 100%   No Stomach Upset
  • 99.9% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade  HPLC Tested NANO-Creatine
  • Faster Absorption
  • Smaller Particles
  • Better Performance
  • Better Results
  • Higher Purity
  • Higher Potency


  • Increase Performance: Take 1 serving 15 min before exercise.
  • Increase Muscle Mass: 1 serving 15 min before and straight after exercise. A loading phase is optional.


Combine ASN NANO Creatine with ASN HP100, NANO BCAA, NANO Glutamine during or post workout to achieve maximum absorption and results.

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