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Looking for an inspired snack that will help you reach your body goals? Custard by Inspired Nutraceuticals a milk-based protein that is slowly to digest. When you're looking for a protein custard that will keep you fuller for longer, the Custard by Inspired Nutraceuticals is the one for you. With energising MCT and milk protein, you'll have a yummy way to curb those snack cravings.

Custard by Inspired Nutraceuticals is created to help your muscle recovery and growth, while giving you a tasty treat you can have whenever you feel. With 25.8g of protein and only 150 calories, this low-calorie custard will also help you achieve your desired body composition.


- Help calorie processing in the body. Combine with your exercise and healthy eating regime for best results!
- Have a way to meet your protein needs, to assist muscle recovery and repair
- Assist you to achieve your body composition goals by giving your body a slow-release form of protein. Feel fuller for longer and stop going catabolic while you sleep!
- Enjoy a protein snack any time.
- Have a low fat, low carb and high protein option to help you go further with your dieting goals.
- Have a premium custard to look forward to everyday!

Buy your Custard by Inspired Nutraceuticals today and reach your body goals with ease. Enjoy this slow-digesting custard that'll assist you get to your best fitness results yet!


Each serve (2 scoops - 40g) of Custard by Inspired Nutraceuticals has:
- 150 calories
- 25.8g of protein
- 1.7g of total fat
- 6.1g of total carbohydrates
- 4.3g of sugars

Oh - And the flavours are SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!

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