My fitness journey started at the age of 16. After school had finished for the day, a friend and I would attend the gym however at this point we had little knowledge on what exercises to do and how to perform them correctly. 

In 2017, I returned to Melbourne from a 6-week holiday in Europe drinking alcohol and eating unhealthy foods every day. When I did return home, I was not happy with the way I looked which did take a toll on my mental health. From that day on I made the decision that If I was going to transform my body, I needed help from someone who had knowledge in this field so I decided to hire an online coach who is a big reason why I was able to achieve my fitness goals. 

Over this period, I started to gain confidence with my training and nutrition. I would watch YouTube videos almost every night about anything fitness related which over time all that information started to add up

4 years on, I am now on a mission to inspire and help as many people as possible all around the world achieve their fitness goals through my social media content and my online coaching app because working on yourself can really change your life. 

What motivates me to keep striving for better is the fear of regret. I don’t want to look back on my life when I am older saying I should have done this or I should have worked harder here. The truth is that you only getting one shot at this so you might as well pursue what you’re truly passionate about

My best piece of advice for anyone who is wanting to transform their body is patience. If you want it to happen quickly then you will eventually give up

I truly believe that working on yourself should be a lifelong commitment because going to the gym doesn't just change your body

It will change the way you think 

It will change your daily habits 

And it will change your life 

You can find my Instagram @blakedantinofitness 

My inbox is always open to anyone who is needing any help, advice or even wanting to have a chat 

You’re capable of doing amazing things in life so keep working hard and never give in 

- Blake Dantino

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