In the first photo I thought I wasn't lean enough .. 🤯

Let me tell you the difference between the two photo. 3 years difference.

In the first photo was when I did my first official cut. I started my diet at around 54 down to 46.5

Took me around 7-8 months of consistency.

Here’s the crazy story to it. I stayed very committed I was very disciplined on my cut phase but I wasn’t fully proud of myself.

I was so fixated on chasing abs and being lean that when I took that photo I felt like I wasn’t lean enough.

Andrew told me to share my journey at that time. I said ‘no, wait till I reach my end goal’.

FUNNY because I think there was an end goal and kept chasing it but never reached it.

The moment I realised this is an on going journey. This is going to be my lifestyle now. This is a part of my life did I really enjoy the journey.

Through fitness I learnt to :

  • Overcome hurdles, had to fight my excuses to not be lazy and be committed.
  • I became disciplined. I show up every single day for myself.
  • I became confident, I believe I can do what I set my mind to do.
  • I feel strong and empowered.
  • I am grateful for my body.
  • I am feeling confident in my own skin.
  • I am proud of the hard work I have put in.

There is more to me than just abs and a number on the scale.

Today I am 51.5 - 52 (lean gaining phase)

Yes I am not as lean but it’s part of my journey to GROW.

Now I’m not saying one photo is better than the other. I love both my body in both photos! Took me a long time to create this self love and self acceptance and I found this through fitness.

Cutting phase, maintaining, gaining they all have their benefits. 💗🙌

Just keep working hard! Train not just for your body but for your mind as well. Remember to enjoy your journey!

- Hang

Instagram @hangluu__

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